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Access to Justice Innovation Fund - 2021-22

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Eligible entities and activities - *Remember to regularly save your answers*

This section will help you determine whether you are eligible for the program. If you are an individual applying in partnership with an organisation, please complete the below questions in relation to your partnership organisation. For further information about this application form and the Access to Justice Innovation Fund, please refer to the Program Guidelines

You are required to answer all questions in this section.

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Where the term 'Department' is used in this application form it should be taken to be a reference to the Department of Communities and Justice.

Eligibility requirements

For further information regarding the eligibility requirements please refer to the Program Guidelines.

  1. The proposal addresses the core grant funding requirement of an innovative project that increases access to justice
  2. The services provided in your application are to the primary benefit of communities within NSW
  3. The proposal does NOT solely provide services for a business or businesses
  4. The applicant is a partnership, an incorporated association, an industry/trader association and/or chamber of commerce, or a registered business
  5. The applicant organisation is NOT a local council or NSW Government agency
  6. The applicant organisation has an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN) or Incorporation Number
  7. The applicant organisation has the relevant organisational and policy procedures in place to meet legislative obligations in relation to child protection
  8. The applicant organisation has authority to use all information, data or facilities that will be needed as part of the proposal
  9. The applicant organisation has existed for two complete (12 month) financial year periods
  10. The activities in the proposal are not funded by other grants programs
1.1 - The applicant confirms the above statements to be true * Required
The applicant must confirm all statements to be eligible to apply. You confirm you have authority to use all required information, data or facilities required to execute your proposal. Consider for example: access to data and rights over information, intellectual property, privacy, and courts / justice related restrictions. Please note the funding agreement will require copies of Working With Children Checks (WWCC) for all positions relating to the project that involve child-related roles. These will need to be provided before any funding agreement is finalised. The Department may require evidence of the truth of the above statements before progressing your application.

Start date

1.2 - Are you able to commence your project within 8 weeks of executing a grant agreement? * Required
Commencement of the project may include project planning activities. We expect grant agreements to be executed by 1 June 2022 (and no later than 30 June 2022). You must complete your project within 12 or 18 months of your project start date (depending on your funding agreement).

Conflicts of interest

1.3 - Do you have any real or perceived conflicts of interest to declare? * Required

Conflict of interest - description (Not Applicable)

This section is not applicable because of your response to question: "1.3 - Do you have any real or perceived conflicts of interest to declare?" on page 1

Word count:
Must be no more than 175 words. 

Ineligible activities

  • Recurrent or core operational costs
  • Activities already funded by another government grant
  • Commercial or profit-making activities
  • Activities not of benefit to NSW
  • Studies to obtain a degree or diploma, or academic research
  • Litigation costs
  • Political activity or lobbying
  • Delivery of practical legal training
  • Travel costs, unless they relate to direct service delivery
  • Costs incurred prior to grant approval
  • Prizes, awards, competitions or conferences
1.4 - Confirm that your project will not fund any of the above activities * Required

On 1 July 2019, the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) brought together the former departments of Family and Community Services (FACS) and Justice. While FACS no longer exists, our apology to the Stolen Generations stands. You can read our apology to the Stolen Generations here.

Informed by lessons of the past, DCJ is improving how we work with Aboriginal people and communities. We listen and learn from the knowledge, strength and resilience of Stolen Generations Survivors, Aboriginal Elders and Aboriginal communities.